Aisha Khan


Mississauga, ON


I was born in Myanmar. I grew up in India and it is here that I formed a love for painting from a very young age.I pursued my BSc degree and joined the School of Interior Design where I learnt greatly about architecture and interior design. This helped me to incorporate various techniques of light and shade into my paintings. I practiced as an Interior Designer for many years in Bombay before I came to Canada 10 years ago.
Since I was a little girl, I sought to express myself creatively through artwork which incorporates a large array of colors and textures. My inspirations are my friends, family and put simply, the beautiful world we live in. My artwork incorporates different techniques and tools, from oils to acrylics. I love to paint semi abstract figurative work and anything occurring in its natural setting, though I also love to try new unique styles of painting, lately focusing on contemporary abstract paintings. The love of vivid, bright colors is very imminent in all my paintings .

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Another quote from one of my favorite artist of all time:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso


You were born to be real not perfect by AISHA KHAN


The Saviour by AISHA KHAN


My Green finger by AISHA KHAN


Discovering yourself by AISHA KHAN


Secrets to keep by AISHA KHAN


you always make me smile by AISHA KHAN


She never looked back by AISHA KHAN


Not so crazy for you by AISHA KHAN


Coming home is the best feeling by AISHA KHAN


Bound to happen by AISHA KHAN


The happy dance by AISHA KHAN


Thinking outside the box by AISHA KHAN


Freedom by AISHA KHAN


Stronger than ever by AISHA KHAN


Cityscape in red by AISHA KHAN


Is this the moment by AISHA KHAN


She knew she could do it alone by AISHA KHAN


She only dreamt it by AISHA KHAN


It was always meant to be by AISHA KHAN


Side by side by AISHA KHAN


Sunshine smile by AISHA KHAN


Cool 1 by AISHA KHAN


At the dew drop inn by AISHA KHAN


Where angels dare by AISHA KHAN


Happiness together by AISHA KHAN